Jewelry and Art by Douglas Randall


Sculpture is what I majored in at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for four great years. I focused on figure and portrait sculpture.



Relief Sculpture

Relief is like drawing in three dimensions. Here is some of my specialty; The Malibu Window was cast in intaglio glass so the image was carved into the glass, so you view it through the flat side giving it the look like the mermaid is underwater. It was installed in our house overlooking the ocean on the beach in Malibu, California, the red angels are cast in terra-cotta they are the back of Anne’s meditation chair and the other pieces are my personal work.

Glass Sculpture

II built The Glass Foundry in 1993 and ran it until 2014. We cast many beautiful pieces of art class glass in those years. Glass is very difficult to photograph so most of the photographs here were done by the photographer Weaver Lilly. 

The Dancer Scupture


In the dancer series; I put two reliefs together forming a three-dimensional sculpture.

Of France Sculpture

It is always inspiring getting to know a model, in this work the model was from France one of my favorite countries.

The Cello Artist Sculpture

The person who sat for this sculpture was a cello artist. It is cast in glass, it is shown here in Foltron.

Other Sculptures